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    Change list of RadioDJ:
    v.1.8.2 - Added "Details" window to the slot view mode of the main playlist [NEW]; - Removed the "Sweeper" and "Voice track" buttons from the slot view mode of the main playlist. Those sections are accessible by double clicking to their corresponding labels. [NEW] - Minor design changes to the playlist in slot view mode; - Fixed the "Mute" shortcut [FIXED]; - Fixed the program startup bug which prevented the program to start in the visible area of the screen. [FIXED]; - Minor bug fixes; v.1.8.1 - Added "Subcategory" to the playlist (slot view only!) [NEW]; - Added the option to duplicate rotation entry [NEW]; - Added Cue (pre-listen option) to main playlist (slot view only!) [NEW]; - Fixed a bug which prevented playing the first item from the playlist to the main sound card when was edited. v1.8.0 - Fixed "Enable Auto Title" event action in plugin Now Playing Info; - Redesigned Tracks Manager plugin, to have more space to view track details [NEW]; - Added option to reset tracks priority from selected subcategory; - Added option to reset tracks play count from selected subcategory; - Added option to reset tracks priority from selected genre; - Added option to reset tracks play count from selected genre; - Improved folder import speed; - Fixed a bug in Verify Tracks feature which was disabling tracks that were "Newest from folder" types. v1.7.9 - Added new event action "Load M3U Playlist By Date Mask" [NEW]; - Fixed track edit crash when file no longer exists, or it was renamed. [FIXED]; - Fixed Database Manager bug which prevented to delete the database name. [FIXED]; - Improved Verify Tracks function from Utilities plugin. [FIXED]; - Fixed the bug which prevented to save the cue points from Tracks Manager. [FIXED]; - Fixed bug which prevented "Newest From Folder" and "File By Date" types to be played. [FIXED]; v1.7.8 - Added the option to remember the main window's size and position [NEW]; - Added the option to fetching (.pls/.m3u) playlist file for internet streams. If multiple links are available, it will played the first active link from the list [NEW]; - Fixed plugin activation bug when loading them; v1.7.7 - Added tabs order save [NEW]; - Added new rotation entry type "Tracks From SQL Query" which allows you to manually add rules to the rotation. The query must return the track ID(s) [NEW]; - Added option to set default image when no album art is set for tracks. Put a .jpg file in your album art folder and name it "no_cover_image.jpg". [NEW]; - Removed the tray info window. - Updated the plugin interface. Added new sub procedure named "Closing()" to the plugins which is called when the program closes. [NEW]; - Updated to the newest BASS sound engine. - Minor bug fixes. v1.7.6 - Import will remember the latest used folder [NEW]; - Added rotation select in main window [NEW]; - Implemented user setting for single/multiple instance of RadioDJ [NEW]; - Fixed Auxiliary players sound card bug; - Added shuffle button to list view of the playlist [NEW]; - Minor bug fixes. v1.7.5 beta - Minor bug fixes; v1.7.4 - Fixed URL encoding for plugin Playing Info; - Fixed $listeners$ variable in plugin Playing Info; - Added 3 new variables in plugin Playing Info ($track-type$, $subcat-id$, $genre-id$). See Docs/Stream Variables.txt for more informations. [NEW]; - Fixed events categories bug. - Minor bug fixes. v1.7.3 - M3U playlist load bug fixed; - Album art image bug fixed; v1.7.2 - Added shuffle option to the main playlist [NEW]; - Improved auto update meta data for internet streams and podcast (Insert [AUTO] on track comment to enable it.) [NEW]; - Improved right click select on track lists [NEW]; - Added option to drag & drop history list entries [NEW]; - Improved tag sync function. - Minor bug fixes. v1.7.1 - Added Auto Genre option on Import [NEW]; - Added option to import files by drag and drop on search result. Files will be imported in current subcategory/genre.[NEW]; - Fixed bug which prevented to disable tracks; - Fixed Aux Player Toggle Loop event and shortcut; - Minor bug fixes. v1.7.0 - Added record option to Playlist Builder plugin. For now, the recorded are in wav format. [NEW]; - Added reset play count option to tracks manager [NEW]; - Added DISABLE option for TTS plugin to deactivate text to speech function. [NEW]; - Minor bug fixes. v1.6.6.8 RC7 - Fixed Priority bug; - Fixed auxiliary player clear bug; - Fixed Stream import bug; - Fixed flashing labels when the player was paused. v1.6.6.8 RC5 - Fixed Plugin Playlist view when adding new files (won't reset the view) [FIXED]; - Updated CUE EDITOR: replaced the cue listbox with right click menu; Markers can be selected and moved by a click to them now [NEW]; - Added the option to use the stored cue data from ID3 tag in Folder Import [NEW]; - When file import will detect cue data in ID3 tag will prompt the user if he wants to use it [NEW]; - Added "Reset Priority" option to Tracks Manager right click menu [NEW]; - Added the option to play sweepers on requests from a separate subcategory than the main one[NEW]; - Database optimizations. v1.6.6.8 RC4 - Added new track type "Teaser" in order to support custom colour and title [NEW]; - Plugin teaser now respects disabled tracks [NEW]; - Added new event/shortcut action to Teaser plugin in order to generate dry previews, without the intro, separator, ending elements [NEW]; - Playing teaser segments will not mark the track and artist as played [NEW]; - Added configurable time setting for pre-loading next track[NEW]; - Added configurable duration for main stop fade out [NEW]; - Minor bugs fixed. v1.6.6.8 RC3 - Minor bugs fixed; - New plugin available: "Teaser" which is able to create previews from the playlist tracks [NEW]; v1.6.6.8 RC2 - VT timing and play bugs [FIXED]; - Plugin search PLAY in monitor bug [FIXED]; - Plugin Tracks Manager, skip forward bug [FIXED]; - Plugin Playlist Builder drag & drop bug [FIXED]; - Bug which prevented loading files of type "Newest From Folder" [FIXED]; - Added Load/Save ID3 Tags to Track Editor [NEW]; - Modified TTS Plugin, now templates are in XML format and for each entry the user can set a separate voice[NEW]; v1.6.6.8 RC1 - VT background volume bug [FIXED]; - Added GET method to plugin NowPlayingInfo [NEW]; - Minor updates to plugin TCP SERVER, also updated the php demo for this plugin; - The requests plugin has two new options: auto add request to playlist (every 10 seconds will check for new requests) and user customizable position where to add the file(s) to the playlist [NEW]; - Minor bug fixes. v1.6.6.8 BETA 4 - Volume levels bug [FIXED]; - Added internal AGC to TTS player plugin [NEW]; v1.6.6.8 BETA 3 - Loop function in AUX Players bug [FIXED]; - Added support for multiple overlay files that will play to the same background [NEW]; - Minor bugs fixed. v1.6.5.8 BETA 2 - Fixed Sweepers over intro bug; - Fixed playlist bug that deleted disabled tracks from the playlists in playlist editor; - Added text encoding option for exporting artist-title [NEW]; - Fixed "Import Directory" categories section bug; - Fixed labels and trackbar reset when no track is playing; - Fixed overlay tracks; v1.6.5.8 BETA - Many bug have been fixed; - Added plugin TTS (text to speech), see in disabled plugins folder [NEW]; v1.6.5.6 Build 5/6 - Added new event type "Start-up Event" which will be triggered on application start-up. Please don't use multiple events of this type, instead add all actions to the same event.[NEW]; - Load Track from category action will not check if the same artist is already in the playlist if the repeat rule is unchecked. [NEW]; - Improved plugin SayTime code when playing in the playlist as event. v1.6.5.6 Build 4 - Fixed genre list width in search plugin; - Fixed reduce priority bug; v1.6.5.6 Build 2 - Changed AutoDJ behavior for rotations for disabled artist/track rules; - Added option to enable/disable to highlight played artists[NEW] v1.6.5.6 - Implemented loop for main players and cue editor [NEW]; - Improved AutoDJ code; - Removed played data reset when AutoDJ is unable to pick track from a subcategory to avoid repeating tracks; - Played artists are now highlighted too in search window [NEW]; v1.6.5.5 - Improved CPU usage; - Added sweeper/voicetrack play position for playlist. S=start, I=intro, E=end [NEW]; - Minor bugs fixed; v1.6.5.4 - Optimized the AutoDJ code; - Minor bugs fixed; v1.6.5.3 - Fixed bug which allowed to add disabled tracks to the playlist using the events; - Improved Auto DJ algorithm; - Fixed Track Manager search and replace bug; - Minor bugs fixed; v1.6.5.2 - Fixed multiple files playing at once; - When deleting/disabling a track from search window, the displayed result won't reset anymore [NEW]; - Added new Track Type "File By Date". On track import, if selected this track type, it can be selected a folder from which whenever the track will be added to the playlist, it will be selected the track with the current date as filename. The default format is "yyyy-MM-dd". A custom format can be specified in Comments field. For valid formats, please read this: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8kb3ddd4%28v=vs.110%29.aspx [NEW]; - Added new Track Type "Newest From Folder". On track import, if selected this track type, it can be selected a folder from which whenever the track will be added to the playlist, it will be loaded the newest added track in that folder [NEW]; v1.6.5.1 - Improved directory import speed. Faster checking for already imported tracks added [NEW]; - Tracks that are skipped from import in directory import will be added to the logs [NEW]; - Improved main track change speed and memory usage [NEW]; - Added clear search text button [NEW]; - Implemented category/subcategory/genre list refresh when adding/deleting them [NEW]; - Implemented category for albums/artists/years that will be populated by track album data. [NEW]; - Implemented active rotation save when changing it using events [NEW]; - Added new event action "Seconds to Wait"[NEW]; - Improved MIDI plugin code; - Fixed bug which muted the input when opening the Options window; v. - Fixed Tracks Manager context menu; - Fixed playlist drag&drop; - Fixed event action enable/disable event category; - Added new plugin for controlling the program with a MIDI controller[NEW]; - Added new variables for streaming titles: $request_username$ and $request_message$ [NEW]; v. - Improved resources usage when searching tracks on search plugin; - Added album search option in plugin search (optional in plugin option) [NEW]; - Added custom column displaying in plugin search [NEW]; - Fixed bug which allowed sweepers to be played even if the start/end date should disable them; - Improved artist/track separation algorithm; v. - Fixed error when adding events in playlist builder and no event is available to the list; - Fixed manual events execution in main player; v. - Fixed VDF playback length for m3u playlists; - Fixed Sweepers bug (sweepers were played even on tracks without intro); v. - Fixed sound card saving settings bug; - Disabled tracks contained in playlists won't be loaded [NEW]; v. - Added context menu for Aux Players; [NEW] - Added Elapsed/Remaining/Total time display in Aux Players [NEW]; - Added Shuffle option to Playlist builder [NEW]; - Modified behaviour when dragging Sweeper/Voicetrack to playlist. If is dragged into a music type track, the sweeper/voicetrack will be added to the song intro, or if the song doesn't have an intro, it will be added to the start of the track; [NEW] - Added stream title option for Audio Input; [NEW] - Added separate audio output option for up to 5 aux players; [NEW] - Added new type of events "MANUAL EVENT" that will no self trigger; [NEW] - Added support for playlist events (only manual events can be added to the playlist via rotation or playlist builder); [NEW] - Added new event action in SayTime plugin "SayTime (Pause Playlist)" which is actually sets the assisted mode on and when the time announce is over it switches back to original state; [NEW] - Added custom title option in Now Playing Info plugin; [NEW] v. - Fixed Pause/Un-pause event action; - Added the option to display/hide listerners number in plugin history; [NEW] v. - Added Toggle Input keyboard shortcut; [NEW] - Added full support for .m3u playlists; -- Note: When opening playlists with tracks that are not imported, RadioDJ will also import them, however depending by the length of the tracks and by the number of items of the playlist, it could take a while.[NEW] - Added new event action: Enable/Disable Event category; [NEW] - Added new event action: Enable/Disable Assisted mode; [NEW] - Added new event action: Pause main playlist; [NEW] - Added new event action: UnPause main playlist; [NEW] - Added new event action: Load M3U Playlist; [NEW] - Added option to export playlist as HTML in plugin playlist builder; [NEW] - Track duration is calculated now from cue start to cue next in Playlist builder; [NEW] - Playlist name is displayed in playlist builder; [NEW] - Added option to disable Auto Fades in Import Folder utility; [NEW] v1.6.4.2 - Added custom keyboard shortcuts [NEW] - Added option to add a playlist (top or bottom) to a existing one in plugin "Playlist Builder" [NEW] - Added context menu's in plugin "Playlist Builder" for edit/delete operations [NEW] - Added new variable for stream titles: $rotation_name$ [NEW] - Added the option to directly load not-imported file to aux player (right click on eject button to select file) [NEW] - Added repeat option for tracks that don't have Loop IN/OUT cue points set in aux players [NEW] v1.6.4.1 - Fixed Stop command bug for background players; [FIXED] - Added new Event actions for aux players; [NEW] - Moved plugins to "Plugins" folder. - Fixed queued tracks from request table that are played; [FIXED] - Added new track type "requests"; [NEW] v1.6.4.0 - Fixed Voicetrack not playing on start/end bug v1.6.3.9 - Exposed Cart Set ID in plugin carts in order to load them using events. [NEW] - Added new event action for plugin carts: "LoadCartSetID". [NEW] - Added new event action for plugin carts: "PlayCartNumber". [NEW] - Added option to set background color for cart buttons in plugin carts.[NEW] - Added option to set the title and color for all track types. [NEW] - Added new actions for plugin gamepad [NEW] - Added the option to select the action for each button on the gamepad for plugin gamepad (max 10 buttons + 4 direction buttons.) [NEW] - Fixed VDF duration for playlists v1.6.3.8 - Added separate output option for Carts [NEW] - Added separate output option for Voicetracks [NEW] - Added separate volume option for Voicetracks [NEW] - Added the option to relocate in network in plugin utils [NEW] - Added support for playing non-imported tracks in Auxiliary Players (for now, available only by drag&drop from external sources like my computer or windows explorer.) [NEW] - Fixed priority bug in folder import [FIXED] - Fixed sweeper on intro bug [FIXED] v1.6.3.7 - Added support for podcast auto title/comment. In title/comment fields add $auto$ for updating every time. - Improved Track Editor and podcast import option - Fade out bug [FIXED] v1.6.3.6 - Podcast support. [NEW] - Fade out bug [FIXED] v1.6.3.5 - Added overlay play option. [NEW] - Now displaying duration for the audio files streamed over the internet (not available for shoutcast/icecast streams) [NEW] v1.6.3.4 - Added Event Categories (not available for hour view) [NEW] - Added cue settings for playlists [NEW] - Artwork field in database will store only the image filename [NEW] - Fixed CUE EDITOR error when there is no track selected [FIXED] - FS#196 - If a stream is not connectable, RDJ misses the next song in playlist [FIXED] - FS#193 - Added again the option to import from the network [FIXED] - Improved memory usage v1.6.3.3 - Sweeper on CUE start starting later bug [FIXED]; - Database Queuelist Table not updating properly bug [FIXED]; - Added drag & drop support for Aux Players plugin [NEW]; - Added marks on progressbar for loop cue points on Aux Players [NEW]; - Added duration option for internet streams in playlist (double click on duration column - works only on internet streams) v1.6.3.2 - Playlist drag & drop bug [FIXED]; - Minor bugs fixed; v1.6.3.1 - "Overflow of an arithmetic operation" exception on some windows locales [FIXED]; - Removed database settings; v1.6.3.0 - Improved CUE points detections; - Cue points threshold level not applied correctly on import [FIXED]; - Added sweeper/voicetrack stop when changing/stopping the playing track [NEW]; - Minor bugs fixed; v1.6.2.9 - Carts plugin zone save/load bug [FIXED]; - Track Editor custom cue settings ignoring values [FIXED]; - Minor bugs fixed; v1.6.2.8 - Plugin zones were not updated [FIXED]; - On program restart the sound processor was starting on custom preset [FIXED]; - Sweeper issue with long generated playlists [FIXED]; v1.6.2.7 - Sound Processing Plugin BUG: The settings were not always properly applied [FIXED]; - Reduced the number of database queries (added a procedure for track updating/history updating) [NEW]; - Added database settings saving. Still in progress. (When setting to database for the first time, some plugins could cause a few errors until their settings are saved to the database - to be fixed) [NEW]; - Fixed some minor bugs;
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