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Released on 28 Sep 2018 RadioDJ v2.0.0.9

How to make a tutorial.

Actually this is really very simple.

    Use the programs:
  • Word.
  • .RTF
  • Microsoft word.
  • .DOC
  • LibreOffice.
  • .ODT
  • OpenOffice.

It don't mater to me how you make your tutorial!

Even a PDF or just a txt file is welcome!

I don't care of writing errors, if there are no errors than we became book writers.

I will convert it all to a PHP file.

Make a folder on your PC like MyTutorial and a subcat in it like images.
make screen shots and store the pic's in the subcat images.

While making your tutorial, you import the pictures to the program you use with image(s) from the subcat folder images.

zip the folder (MyTutorial) total when your done!

So it includes all files and photo's.

I know it's time consuming to make a tutorial!

But your tutorial will help others for years!

So em appreciating your tutorial and can't thank you enough on behalf of the visitors.

Many thanks from Jhonny.
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