RadioDJ tutorials

    What do you need.

    A pc with a sound cart and windows on it.
    A folder where you store your music tracks, supported are:
     .mp3; .ogg; .wav; .mp2; .mp1; .aiff; .m2a; .mpa; .m1a; .mpg;
     .mpeg; .mp3pro; .bwf; .mus; .wma; .wmv; .aac; .adts; .mp4; .m4a;
     .m4b; .mod; .mo3; .s3m; .xm; .it; .mtm; .umx; .mdz; .s3z; .itz;
     .xmz; .flac; .midi; .rmi; .kar; .opus; .wv; .mov; .ape; .apl;
     .mpc; .mpp; .mp+; .spx and .tta.

    A database server like MySQL or the Mariadb server ( I prefer MariaDB ).
    The .NET installed, Minimum version 3.5
    And of course, the latest version of RadioDJ.

    Why i prefer mariadb!
    Well there is a manger included, which is often discussed in the RadioDJ forum, with good tips.

    But that's up to you what you want to use.

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