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    Basic setup RadioDJ

    Here follows a very basic setup for RadioDJ, to explore how RadioDJ works.

    Your Attention Please ! Assuming a SQL server is installed and turned on, and .Net (minimum 3.5) is present.

    The is unpacked to the folder c:\radiodj (or your drive letter)

    Note: Don't unpack to one of the folders Program Files or Program Files (x86).

    In the folder of radiodj do a right click on radiodj.exe, in the screen that will show choose start as administrator.

    Don't panic Please, you have done nothing wrong.
    You get a error screen, it's OK.

    There is no password. Click on OK.

    There is no connection to the sqlserver so there are errors. Click on OK.

    On the bottom you see in red MYSQL SERVER IS OFFLINE, that means there is no connection to the server.
    During the setup of the SQL Server, you have a password specified, place that password in the field MYSQL Password:
    Click on VALIDATE in the screen.

    Now you see on the bottom in green MYSQL SERVER IS ONLINE.

    Still there is no database (error in the screen), so click on the button INSTALL DATABASE.

    You wil get this screen:

    Click on OK (Translation: Annuleren = Cancel)

    Now the database is made, see the massage in the screen, now click on OK, then RadioDJ will start up.

    The start screen of RadioDJ.

    The setup

    Click on the button     it opens the setup-options screen.

    Click on the button OPTIONS.

    Click on the tab Sound Cards.

    See if a sound cart is found and selected, in the Sound Cards Settings part.
    If so, click on Close.

    Click again on the button     and click on the button DIRECTORY IMPORT.

    Click on the button     in the Directory Import screen.

    Select in the screen a folder with music files.

    Click on OK.

    Click on Import Directory and let it run.

    It's importing the files from the folder/directory.

    When flinched click on   .

    Now in the screen you will see the imported tracks.

    You can drag and drop them or dubbele click on a track to put in the playlist.

    Click on the button     in the left top of the screen and RadioDJ starts to play the track.

    Just enjoy RadioDJ.

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