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SQLRun 1.0

Schedule and run SQL queries in RadioDJ from a .exe file.

This utility allows you to run MySQL queries on RadioDJ database using events.
In order to do this, you need to place "SQLRun.exe" in the same folder as RadioDJ.exe.
To run it, you must create an event and add the "Run Application" action and as argument enter the path to the sql file to run.
Note: the utility can only insert/delete/update record on the database, select will not work.

To reset the play count for a specific subcategory, you must create a sql file, let's name it "reset 2000.sql".

In that file we will add with a plain editor like notepad:

UPDATE songs SET count_played=0 WHERE id_subcat=X;

X = the ID of the subcategory you need to reset.

subcategory list:

In the column (from table subcategory of the database) you can find the number X (is 4 for the subcategory 2000s).
So the line will be:
UPDATE songs SET count_played=0 WHERE id_subcat=4;
Note: commands must be in CAPITAL letters

In the event screen:

Set a event name.

Choose an event type.
(Set day(s) and time)

Choose a event category.

Click on the green +

Choose and click on RUN APPLICATION.
A selection screen opens, Choose the application from the folder of RadioDJ.

The link is set in the line Path (URL).

On the argument line fill in where the sql file is located.

Click on Add Action and save the event.

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