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On a upgrade of RadioDJ you have to overwrite all .dll files.

You have to understand that the standard plugins are upgraded and also the plugings in the disabled folder.
So you must copy the used plugins from the disabled folder to the Plugin folder to upgrade those ones.

    Upgrading from v. to v.

    To start upgrading you have to download the file RadioDJ Upgrader 2.0 ( to, from

    Unzip de file (RadioDJ Upgrader.exe) in the root of radiodj.

    Start the file.

    It get the connect information from the file Settings.xml of RadioDJ 160.

    Select the old version of rdj.
    Set the old database name.
    Set the new database name.

    Click on start.

    Now the database is upgraded to version close the program.

    Upgrading from v.

    In version radiodj 182 start in the Setup folder the file Database Setup.exe

    Adjust the settings to get connected to the database.

    Select the tab Database Utils.

    Click on Select update file.

    Select the sql file as showed. Click on open.

    NOTE, the file names may look strains, the explanation is there has been beta version between. "See versions list."

    Click on OK.

    The upgrade is running.

    When it is ready, click again on Select update file.

    Proceed according to acts on Upgrading from v.1.7.0.

    Upgrading from v.1.7.0.

    "Upgrade from v.1.7.0, start here but read first from here."

    Now select the sql file as showed.

    Click on OK.

    Now the former databases are upgraded to use in version 182.

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