RadioDJ tutorials

    Track Manager

    The tab bar.

    From Left to Right:

    A search Field.

    Fill in a part of a track to search in the database.

    Any Category

    Select a main category.

    Any Subcategory

    Only works if a category is selected.

    Any Genre

    Show All

    If you clicked on it you can select.

    If you like to disable song, select Show Enabled, or vice versa

    Works when the others Tabs are in Any ….

    Any Track Type

    If you clicked on it you can select.

    Works when the others Tabs are in Any ….

    Track field with column’s.

    To show less or more column's.

    Click on OPTION and Plugins, select Track manager, bubble click on it or use settings, it shows the settings.

    Hire you can adjust the column's to show in the screen (select, un-select to show in the track manager screen).

    When you double click on a track the Track Editor opens (see, Track Editor).

    The top of the screen:

    It is self explaining, what you can do.

    In this part.

    You can pre-play a track.

    If you right click on a track this pop-up screen opens.

    And different things can be don with the track as showed..

    These buttons are back, forward and close the screen

    Well play with it to get the hang of it and understand the working of the track manager.

    On the bottom left you see.

    It shows how many tracks there are in the database.
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