RadioDJ tutorials

    Track Editor.

    Double mouse clicks:

    The track editor can be opened in two way's .

    Double click on the song in the main player.

    Double click on the song in the history screen.

    Right mouse click on the song in the search screen, opens a pop up menu.

    Select Edit Track to open the track editor.

    The track editor:


    The operation of this screen is explained in track import.

    There are play, re-start and a stop button.There is a down counter when the song is playing.

    If the song is not as you like you can press the cross and import a another or a better quality song (works like track import).


    After adjusting the song data, click save and the data is stored in the database.


    You can assign a specific sweeper to the song/track to use in a rotation.

    Select a available sweeper and click on the green cross to set it to the song.

    You can remove a active sweeper by selecting and click on the red min.

    Press save to save to the database.

    Explanation of the sweeper logic:

    If a track is played with or without a sweeper is set ONLY in your rotation entries.
    In each entry from your rotation you have a sweeper option (without one, on start, on intro, on end).

    Now let's say that you set your first entry to play with a sweeper and the program will generate the playlist.
    When the first track is selected, because is set to play with a sweeper, it will first check if it has a assigned sweepers. If it does, it will choose one from there, if not, it will choose one from the active sweeper category.


    It's a small editor to put in comments, it will shows up in the song details screen.

    If the plug in TTS is used this text is pronounced as the song starts (If commenting is enabled in the TTS plugin).

    The buttons are:

    From the right Copy, Cut and Paste in the screen.

    Press ID3 save to store in the ID3Tag.

    Press save to store in the database.

    Album Art.

    If there is an album pic it show up in the square, by double clicking in the square you can assign a album pic from your pc.
    It will also be stored in the Album Art folder of RadioDJ.


    These features are not yet in use in RadioDJ.

    The buttons.

    CUE Editor.

    Opens the Cue Editor for the song (see CUE Editor).

    ID3 Save.

    Save's the info to the ID3Tags of the song.

    Read ID3.

    Reads the id3tags info of the song included the cue points of the song if they are there.


    Save all changes to the database.


    Close the screen.

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