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    Using a NAS.

    Marius tip:

    Lately i saw that more and more users are using NAS systems for storing files, so it may be a good idea to share some tips here about how to optimize the network, because many users just plug a gigabit switch or router and think that that's all.

    I upgraded my home network to gigabit these days, and without any tweak, the result compared to a 100Mbit network were much better.

    On my 100Mbit network the download speed from the nas (ZyXEL NSA325.v2) never exceeded 12MB/s, which is somehow normal. In RadioDJ this speed limit was also visible, when i started a track, it had a small delay.

    After i connected all my home appliances (pc's, tv, bluray, nas) to a cheap switch Edimax 5500G v2, the things were changed dramatically, the download speed ranged from 55 to 90MB/s at download, depending by the downloaded file size.

    But can we go even further?

    If your NAS, switch/router and network card supports jumbo frames, you will be amazed. Luckily for me, mine supported so i enabled them and the speed raised even more.
    Now, if i download a file from the NAS, the speed exceeds 100MB/s, all with a simple tweak.

    Ok, but how can i enable this? (All indications are for a Windows 7 OS)

    - Firstly, make sure that your router or switch support jumbo frames, since all traffic goes thru it. This must appear into product's specifications. Search for the max value. (Mine has 9KB).
    - If it supports, enable it also on your NAS, It must be available in your NAS network settings. Select the max value found on your router/switch. (Again, in my case, was 9KB).
    - Now, it's time to enable it also on your computer's network adapter. Open control panel - Hardware and Sound - Device Manager - Network Adapters. Now double click on your gigabit device from the list. Go to advanced and search for jumbo frames (or packet). Now set it to the value found in your NAS and switch/router. (9KB in my case, so i selected 9014 Bytes) VIDEO.
    That's all, now i can download from my NAS with speeds over 100MB/s. Which has a major impact over RadioDJ.

    Read your self on RadioDJ.Ro Topic.

    How to use microphone with RadioDJ.

    By DJ Garybaldy.

    I occasionally see posts from people on the feature requests section of the forum asking for a microphone input button.

    RadioDJ has had one before in v1.6.0 and the latency issues were just awful.

    You don't need a Microphone button in the software!

    1) Get yourself a decent sound mixer preferably one with sliding controls.
    2) Get yourself a decent microphone (if you haven't already got one)
    3) Route the mixer output into the Line In (Blue) Socket on the back of your PC.
    4) Get encoding software such as Altacast standalone to pick the sound up from either:
    4a) The stereo mix of your Sound card.
    4b) The Line in (tick box) setting in Virtual Audio cables.

    If all has gone to plan you should be able to hear your voice over your stream through your mixer controls.

    It really isn't that difficult to do. I've been using method 4b quite successfully for sometime now.

    I Hope this helps some people.

    Using A Mixer With RadioDJ.

    Movie on YouTub. By Rodericks Tutorials.

    It's not a great video, but it sets its goal. And HEE.... we are not all movie makers.

    Just the best trick!


    I need to run multiple talk shows on different days using event's but because it's from the same stream source it doesn't work.

    Answer (Valdis):

    Just add a URL query parameter after file name.
    Like so:

    That should make RadioDJ see the URLs as a different one. Any web server or streaming server should ignore the query string and server the file/stream.

    Showing the singles covers.

    If you have more singles than albums like me, you like to show the single cover on your website or in RadioDJ?.

    Em using a small trick for it.

    At first, RadioDJ import also the album art (If a photo is present in the track) to the folder you have set (c:\RadioDJ\Album-Art\), but the problem is the storing in the database.

    RadioDJ use for the storing the album name and puts in frond of it the artist name.

    Small example:
    The Album name is Mix of the 90s, it will be stored as artist-mixofthe90s.jpg

    So you will understand that the last photo (.jpg) is used.

    If the artist is 4 or 7 times in the folder, the same name is used in the database in column album_art (artist-mixofthe90s.jpg).

    And only the last photo (single cover) is store in the folder Artist-art of RadioDJ (It's just over writhed each time without confirmation).

    How to prevent this so every photo that's belong to a single is sored?

    In my tag editor (Tag&Rename), em using in the column Album, Mix of the 90s then em renaming the file name to
    Track number - Artist name - Song title - Album name   Track title.

    It show as, %6 - %1 - %2 - %3  %2 in the editor.
    %6 = Track number.
    %1 = Artist name.
    %3 = Album name.
    %2 = Title of the track.

    Now the file name is:

    123 - Jossua - Love is in the are - Mix of the 90s Love is in the are.mp3

    Now i can use get tag field info from file name.

    %6 - %1 - %2 - %3 now the album name is Mix of the 90s Love is in the are.

    Now i set the file name back to 123 - Jossua - Love is in the are (.mp3)

    I can now import the folder, and RadioDJ use the album name and put the artist name in front for the album_art name.

    Now the cover is stored as jossua-mixofthe90s-loveisintheare.jpg in the database of RadioDJ.

    So every track cover has it's one name stored.

    Now you have single art.

    After importing you have to use your tag editor to set the album name back to Mix of the 90s.

    Now use in RadioDJ the utilities Tags Synchronization and synchronic only Album selected (Then Use: From TAGS to Database).

    If you select in the search screen on Albums you can select Album Mix of the 90s, and the list in Albums won't be to long (If you won't the list is very long).

    Try playing with it until it has the results you want this to work for you, and show your single art on the singles you play.

    Don't say you must buy Tag&Rename (using it for a long time, free ware will work to!), make sure you get familiar with your tag editor on how to use it.

    Other editors may work as:

    %track% = Track number.
    %artist% = Artist name.
    %title% = Title name.
    %album% = Album name.
    %year% = Year.

    Think you will find it.

Transfer all setings and plugins to new copy of RDJ

NEW Copy is on the same machine. If it is not, then all aspects can still transfer, but you will have to adjust things that are different like your soundcard, and pathways if the directory structure is not the same on both machines.

Copy your Plugins Folder and Album-Art Folder (which holds the Album Art you see on the RadioDJ's main screen) to your NEW Copy.

Then copy all settings_ files from and to the RadioDJ's main folder to the new copy's main folder.


These files will move your current settings over.

Tip from: FL Coast.
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