RadioDJ tutorials

    Streaming from a link.

    If you like to import a news.mp3 from a link like than you have to import this track to play.

    Click on options.

    Click on Track Import.

    The track Import screen opens.

    Adjust the:



    Genre (if you like).

    Track Type (very important, it makes it possible for filling in the Path/URL).


    When the track type is set on Internet Stream.

    The Path/URL field can be filed in.

    Put in the link.

    To control if the link works.

    Click on

    If the track is not correct, a error screen pops up.

    When the track is correct, you see in the top of the screen.

    Click on import and Close.

    Now you can play the news in a event.

    See how to create an event.

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