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Cleaning up the RadioDJ forum

From time to time Marius has to clean up the forum.

We (Marius, Garry, Valdis, Others and me) try to store important files (like, attachments), whether we achieve that is not always possible, but we like to try.

On the RadioDJ forum you will see that some links are removed from years ago or of the last who are compromising the forum.

Or a program link that may damage the neutrality of the RadioDJ Forum on a DMCA for linking to that site.

So pleas have some understanding that some links or attachments no longer exist.

Even on i have to remove links in tutorials for not compromising the neutrality of the site, sorry em have to do this.

I have to investigate if the links will compromis the site (At first impression don't think this will be).

For now, i know the site's owners have change there site's on the DMCA. So the links can stee on the site.


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