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    Artist Separation.

    If Artist Separation is enabled. In the settings of RadioDJ

    Artist names will be separated.

    The setup for this is in the file settings_artists.txt it's in the root of RadioDJ.

    In the file you will see the line.


    How it's used:

    In the artist field is the name.

    Michael Jackson feat. Diana Ross

    And in the title field, The Wiz

    If Artist Separation is not enabled, it is possible that RadioDJ plays tree songs after another like:

    Artist 1: Michael Jackson feat. Diana Ross – The Wiz.

    Artist 2: Michael Jackson – Thriller.

    Artist 3: Diana Ross – Muscles.

    The same artists are too often played, to the rotation rules track and artist.

    When Artist Separation is enabled RadioDJ sets the two artists Michael Jackson and Diana Ross as played.

    The name separator is in this case feat. it's in the line F.|f.|Ft.|ft.|Feat.|feat.|Featuring|featuring|;|,

    You see it is double written Feat.|feat. ( | is a word separator) this is because some ID3TAG editors can save each word started with a capital letter.

    You can adjust the line F.|f.|Ft.|ft.|Feat.|feat.|Featuring|featuring|;|, whit a plain editor.

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