RadioDJ tutorials


    The Rotation Builder.

    Use to set Up Auto Play rotations.

    First Select from the 3 radio buttons at the top what rotation add the first line must come.

    If Track From Category is selected.

    This button are the same as in the search screen.

    (Main Category, Sub Category and Genre.)

    These two buttons are for each rotation rule you want to add on the line




    The Rules when or what to play.

    If you choose By Priority, make the settings correct and the priority for the track will be lowered.

    Where to put a sweeper.

    After a selection:

    Push the GREEN + button to add the rotation you have selected.

    Push the RED – button to delete a rotation (make sure it is highlighted first)

    When you have added all the different rotations that you want, you can save your Rotation Rules

    by Pushing the Save button (Second >> Button at the Top Right of the “Track Rotations” popup)


    Give a rotation name or replace a rotation or deleted a rotation.

    NOTE: Make sure you have sufficient songs (a minimum 500 is ok) for the different rules you select , so that there are no problems with selections being over-ruled by RadioDJ's Auto DJ setup rules.

    Sweepers to Rotations.

    If you like a sweeper to a rotation, you must select the box showing Without and select in the drop down box where to put the sweeper.

    A rotation setup of tracks from category without sweepers.

    By the lines 1, 2 and 4 you can see that when it is from the main category Music the box repeat Rules is enabled and will be used as you have set in radiodj settings.

    With the mouse pointer on the line number you can drag and drop the lines to change the order of the lines.

    As shows, if it is a Jingle then the repeat rules box is disabled. and me played more offend.

    Same applies for a sweeper or event, but you can enable the box if you like, so that the repeat rules work for them to.

    There is also the possibility to change a line in the rotation.

    Select a line.

    In this case the category is BPM and the subcategory is 70.

    The two button are

    Now double click on the line, and the two buttons change to

    And are as showed in the screen.

    By using the pull down menus you can change the category and the subcategory and the other pull down menus.

    After the change press on the floppy on the right site

    To save the changes in the rotation.

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