RadioDJ tutorials

    Track Rotations v.1.8.2.

    Click on.

    Click on.

    The rotation maker screen.

    Screen properties.

    On the right side is a selection box for the rotation name.
    At the moment there is only one present (default).

    Rotation content.

    From left to right:

    New rotation (Cleans the screen).

    Save rotation (Opens a popup box).

    Radio buttons selections block:

    The standard when opening the rotation screen.

    Get a line from request (selected your self in RadioDJ on the tab Requests [1] or when using a website where requests are possible).

    Only useable when there are manual events available, you have to make them (Now it's greyed out) example.

    To use this option, a bit knowledge of sql must be present (example).

    The selection boxes for making a rotation line.

    The options in the boxes:


    Sub Categories:


    Rotations rules:


    Rotations line screen.

    Buttons on the right:

      1. Line save button.

      2. Duplicate line button.

      3. Insert line.

      According the setting in the Radio buttons selections block

      4. Remove selected line.

A stuffed screen:

This shows a stuffed screen for tracks to use in the rotation on a category and subcategory.

When the category is Music the repeat rules are auto set.

When the category is jingles, repeat rules are not auto set (line 6).

Change a line, by dubbele clicking on a line you can change the line.

When the line is change, click on button 1. to save the line.

Clicking on Ok, will save the rotation.

    Popup boxes:

    Rotation save popup.

    In this box you can save your rotation under a new name, or replace a rotation setup and even deleted a rotation.

    Query example:

    Select the radio button Track from SQL Query.

    Click on button 3.

    Double click on the rotation line

    Place the query in the screen.

    Click on the button to check the query.

    When the query is ok, click on the button .

    Click on button 1. to save te line.
    (by the first time double-clicking on the line is indicated that this will be changed).

    Note, in this case the repeat rules select box can't be used (Don't play artist ....) there are in the query ($ArtistRepeatInterval$).

    You can save the rotation or put more lines in.

    The used query:

    SELECT `ID`, `artist` FROM `songs` WHERE `artist`=( SELECT `artist` FROM `songs` WHERE `enabled`=1
    AND `song_type`=0 AND ((`start_date` <= Now()) AND (`end_date` >= NOW() OR `end_date` = '2002-01-01 00:00:01'))
    AND ((TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE, `date_played`, NOW()) > $TrackRepeatInterval$)
    AND (TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE, `artist_played`, NOW()) > $ArtistRepeatInterval$)) GROUP BY `artist` HAVING COUNT(*) > 1
    ORDER BY `date_played` ASC LIMIT 1) AND `enabled`=1 AND `song_type`=0 AND ((`start_date` <= Now())
    AND (`end_date` >= NOW() OR `end_date` = '2002-01-01 00:00:01')) AND ((TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE, `date_played`, NOW()) >
    $TrackRepeatInterval$) AND (TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE, `artist_played`, NOW()) > $ArtistRepeatInterval$)) ORDER BY `date_played`
    ASC LIMIT 2;

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