RadioDJ tutorials

Streamer Plugin V1.0

    NOTE: This RadioDJ plugin doesn't contains any encoder. You can download a start set here.

    Settings for connection to server, fill in or select fields Encoder title = fill in text to show.
    kbps = select.
    Encoder = select.
    Server type = select.
    Server IP = fill in, for sever on own PC or localhost.
      If the server is not on own PC, server address or IP address
      like: or
    Port = fill in or use up- down button.
    Password = fill in.
    Mountpoint = fill in.
    (Like: /stream (coder mp3 - lame) or /stream.accp (coder acc+) or /stream.ogg (coder ogg) or /stream.opus (coder opus))

    Fields can be gray out (not in use) on server type Shoutcast or Icecast.

    On a right click in the screen you get a popup.

    It explain it self.

    On a click on new encoder, you get the setup screen.

    Adjust the settings, and fill in the fields as the stream provider has send to you.

    I use my as a example.

    And the yellow page.

    Your done, click on Save Stream.

    Your ready to stream.

    If you stream your music the will go to

    Click on it to start or stop.

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