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Assembled from Important or frequently asked on the RadioDJ forum.

    Is this site up to date?

    Well i think it is, do you think otherwise?
    Well let me know here if your missing something.

    Cannot find table 0 error.

    Most of the time it has to do with the setup of the database. During the install something went wrong.
    Re-Install the database, and make sore noting is running in the background.

    I have a event with two rotations in it, it's not working.

    If you start the event, the last rotation in the list overrides all rotations.
    So the first is not used, only one rotation can run, and that's the last in the event list.

    Where does radioDJ saves its cue-points like start, end, intro, fades etc. within the mp3 audio TAGs.

    It is stored in the tag field name: MusicIP PUID.
    And it's stored as one line like:


    A explanation on the letters after the &:
      • &sta= start.
      • &int= Intro.
      • &pin= Loop in.
      • &pou= Loop out.
      • &hin= Hook in.
      • &hou= Hook out.
      • &xta= Next.
      • &end= End.
      • &fin= Fad in.
      • &fou= Fad out.

    What are the ID numbers of the categories.

        Music = 0
        Jingle = 1
        Sweeper = 2
        Voiceover = 3
        Commercial = 4
        InternetStream = 5
        Other = 6
        VDF = 7
        Podcast = 8
        Request = 9
        News = 10
        PlaylistEvent = 11
        FileByDate = 12
        NewestFromFolder = 13
        Teaser = 14

    Missing tracks report.

    So, if the tracks exists just in the database, go to utilities plugin-verify tracks and make sure that "Delete invalid tracks" is NOT selected and press Start button.
    This will disable all the tracks which the program doesn't find.

    Now to have a list, open Database Setup Utility and on RUN SQL QUERY tab, add this query:

    Note, sql commands are in capital letters!
    SELECT `path` FROM `songs` WHERE `enabled`=0 INTO OUTFILE 'D:\INVALID_SONGS.txt';

    Note the path (D:\INVALID_SONGS.txt), don't try to write on C: partition because windows won't let you. If you don't have the D: partition you can set the path to your documents folder.

    VU meters are red without any audio being played.

    That means that the audio engine couldn't start. Make sure that you have at least one sound card on your PC and set it in RadioDJ options.

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