RadioDJ tutorials

Program and Database Utilities.

By pressing on the button.

The screen opens.

When pressing on the button like:

Database Optimization.

The database will be optimized and a conformation screen will pop-up when it's don.

Verify Tracks.

Can be used to see if the tracks in the database are present in the music library.

Tip: Use Relocate Tracks first!

If they are not there they can be removed from database.

If you like to remove them from the database, enable Delete invalid tracks.

Relocate Tracks.

Press on

And select your music library.

it monitors the path of the tracks of the database with the path in the music library and if not correct

it looks for the right path and update it in the database.

Tag Synchronization.

The enabled fields are used to synchronize from or to the database.

Update Track Duration.

It update the duration and only a confirmation screen will pop-up.

Reset Priority.

Will reset all priority of all tracks.

Annuleren = Cancel.

Reset Playcount.

Reset the times a track is played.

Delete History.

It delete all history in the database.


Note: Reports can only be made when the history is not deleted!

Actually explains the screen itself.

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