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Song Details.

If you have already edited the mp3tag of the song before importing the song to the Radiodj database.
Radiodj will extract the song details from the mp3tag (like: ID3v1.1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4)

More Info about a mp3tag editor on

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Song Details From mp3tag.

The info from the tag fields is showing on the screen, if there is album art it's shown too.

At the bottom you can see what is in the comment tag field.

You can quickly adjust the Mp3tag or track in RadioDJ. To do this, Right click on the song and then choose edit track. Chose Details or Comments.

Chance or make new info as you like. (just plain text).

If there is an album pic it show up in the square, by double clicking in the square you can assign a album pic from your pc.
It will also be stored in the Album Art folder of RadioDJ.

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