RadioDJ tutorials

The Search screen.

The search screen has a search bar.

First, click on the bar to get a cursor. Then start typing.

You can search by Artist, Title or Album (Album search has to be selected in The Search Set-up)

While typing, searching will be already be seen below your typing.

Press the X on the left and the bar will be cleared.

The Category, Subcategory and Genre tabs.

In this state of the columns bar, all music is showed from the database.
With the Genre tab you can sort the music by Genre.

Any Category.

The tab Any Category contains the main category’s that RadioDJ uses.

There are three special category's:

[Artist] Special.

If selected, in the subcategory all the artists names will show up in a list.

[Albums] Special.

If selected, in the subcategory all album names will show up in a list.

[Years] Special.

If selected, in the subcategory all the Years will show up in a list.

Note:: Before importing tracks into the database make sure that the ID3tag fields of artist,

album and year are filled in.

The other categories:

All the other category's need Sub Category.

Like Music, which, when selected has the sub category's:

You can change the Sub Category's for music and the others ,or make your own. Selection columns in search field.

In this bar you can sort in ascending or descending like A to Z or Z to A in the columns Artist, Title etc.

There can be more columns added if you like.

More columns in the search field

Click on OPTION than click on PLUGINS.

Select Song Search – Track search utility and click on Settings.

The Search Set-up.

After selecting Song Search – Track search utility and click on Settings the set-up screen appears.

By Fields Settings you can select or deselect columns.

You can also select a search of the Albums.

Use of the Search Screen under bar.

Press if a song is selected and you want to send it to the playlist.

The sweeper button will place a sweeper in the song if it has an intro.

The sweeper is on and works with the selection if you have made a
selection for a Daily Sweeper or Nightly Sweeper etc..

Note: There should be an intro in the song for it to work!

Intro = Is a sweeper at the start of the song.

(these three go together In the middle you can see that in the first screen 1-100) are 100 songs showing
the numbers after / (103) indicates that there are a total of 103 songs.
(the search screen only shows 100 songs at the time, but it is changeable in OPTIONS--Options (settings Results to show)).

After pushing the next screen button
this is what you see
the last 3 songs not shown in the first screen.

   Go back in the screen. Go to the next screen.

  (these three also go together)

  For Playing the selected song in the search screen.

  PRE Play the selected song.

The sound will go over the speakers you have set in Sound cart settings Monitor CUE

  Stop playing the selected song.

  Skip 2 sec. (  jump 2 sec.)   forward in the playing song.

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