RadioDJ tutorials


Online Requests can be used with out a web script.

Online request can be found in the folder Disabled Plugins, copy the two files Plugin Requests.dll and Plugin Requests.xml from the folder Plugin Requests to the Plugin folder of RadioDJ.

Start or re-start RadioDJ.

The buttons:

  1. Auto refresh.

  2. Refresh by hand.

  3. Set selected as played.

  4. Set for auto select in playlist.

  5. Set selected in the top or bottom of the playlist.

  6. Show history.

  7. Use a sweeper.

Sweeper selection box.

Tip: Make a sub dir for request sweepers.

Use with no web script.

You can put a track from the search screen to the request screen.

Right click on a track in the search screen and you get a pop up screen.

Select Add To Request Queue.

The track is put in the screen.

By Date you see the date and hour the track is put in the screen.

By IP you see the local ip address.

By Name you see Me (Your rdj).

By Track you see the track name.

By Played you see the track is not played yet, if played it is checked.

Using with a web script.

On line 2 you see a request through a web script.

Also you see that there is comment by the request.

The track is set in the playlist.

It's set to the bottom of the playlist.

When the track is playing or played, it will be removed from the online request screen.

The request through a web script.

When button 7 (set sweepers) is selected a sweeper is set to the track if there is a intro.

If button 6 (show history) is selected the history screen is showed.

On line 6 and 7 you see the two tracks from this tutorial.

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