RadioDJ tutorials


    History shows a list of songs that have been played (from most recent to least recent).

    The number of songs displayed in History can be set in the History Plugin settings.

    The Play Date and time, song artist and title, and duration are shown.

    By double clicking on it you can change the track info with track edit.

    To setup the History, click on the button OPTIONS and select Plugins.

    In the plugin screen select History – Keep history for played tracks.

    And click Settings.

    When Listeners is enabled it shows up in the screen (works with the plugin Altacast or the Plugin Streamer).


    When your playing tracks, they show up in the screen.

    But, when you close RadioDJ and re-open.

    The screen is cleared but not the history table in the database, if you not have set it to zero in the settings days to keep (settings tab Stream Titles) .

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