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    Instant Players.

    The Instant Player a.k.a Cart player.

    Under a button you can put a sweeper jingle song etc.. ( tracks )

    A right mouse click on a button displays a screen

    You can load a track under the button.

    Clear a track from the button.

    Give the button a color.

    By a left mouse click on the button (direct approach on a empty button ) a screen opens for selecting a track.

    Here you can select a track to put under the button.

    You can search with the tags category and subcategory or on genre.

    Select one and press on ADD.

    The track shows on the button.

    You can give it a color.

    Right mouse click on the button.

    Select Color.

    Click on OK after a color selection.

    The button has the color that is selected.

    The play time is showing also, in this case 00:06.

    If you done what you want for all the buttons you have to save them.

    Note. Every time you make a chains to a button you have to Replace the Carts category!!

    Click on.

    And the Save Cart Set screen opens.

    You can make a new cart name (cart category).

    Or replace a cart category (update it)

    Even deleted a existing cart category.

    As a example i let it with the name of the category (Cart Name) and press OK

    Now there are two carts category’s screens to choose from, but cart Default is still empty at the moment.

    The button.

    If enabled (click on it to set on or off) it will fade the cart that is playing at the end.

    The button.

    If enabled (click on it to set on or off)

    If the button is not enabled, then when you press two button they will play together (through each other).

    When the button SINGLE is enabled it makes that only one cart can play at the time.

    The button.

    If pressed, stops the playing cart.

    Small example for using the Instant Players.

    Just play a jingle or station ID

    Use as a news bed like start news, next item, end news etc.

    Instant Players settings.

    Click on OPTION and click on PLUGINS.

    Select the Cart Players.

    Click on Settings.

    You can chains the standard settings.

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