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Say The Time

In order to make it work, this plugin needs the audio files to be present in Plugins folder, in a "SayTime" sub folder.
You can download some packages for different languages from the RadioDJ site: Language Voice Files.
Or from the download page Say Time Voices.
You can setup a button in the Sort cut Bar to say the time or on a keybord key and in a event.

The setup

In the plugin folder of RadioDJ make the sub folder SayeTime as showed in the screen.

And copy the file Plugin_SayTime.dll to the plugin folder, showing in the screen in red.

Copy the files from say time you have downloaded from SayTime Language Voice Files, RadioDJ download folder or from the download page.

In OPTIONS select plugins and select as in the screen the plugin.

Click on show, you here the time.

You can use the time plugin in a event or on a shortcut key or in the bar as show.

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