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The csv exporter plugin

To use the plugin, you have to install it from the folder Disabled Plugins.

The exporter plugin use the table songs from the database.

Toe start the plugin you must click on OPTIONS and select plugins.

Select the plugin CSV Exporter.

And click on show.

Select the Fields to Export you want in the csv file. Note, Path will always selected, you can't un-select it.

Click on Export.

The Export is in progress.

The export is reddy, click on OK.

Reading the csv file.

File name: rdj_exported.csv

[file code short]

Path, Artist, Title

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(01) [Pharrell Williams] Happy (From 'Despicable Me 2').mp3","Pharrell Williams","Happy"

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(02) [Mr. Probz] Nothing Really Matters.mp3","Mr. Probz","Nothing Really Matters"

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(03) [Pitbull Feat. John Ryan] Fireball.mp3","Pitbull Feat. John Ryan","Fireball"

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(04) [John Legend] All Of Me.mp3","John Legend","All Of Me"

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(05) [Calvin Harris] Summer.mp3","Calvin Harris","Summer"

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(06) [Anders Nilsen] Salsa Tequila.mp3","Anders Nilsen","Salsa Tequila"

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(07) [Asaf Avidan] One Day-Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix).mp3","Asaf Avidan","One Day-Reckoning


"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(08) [Gusttavo Lima] Balada.mp3","Gusttavo Lima","Balada"

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(09) [Alexis Jordan] Happiness.mp3","Alexis Jordan","Happiness"

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(10) [Train] Hey Soul Sister.mp3","Train","Hey Soul Sister"

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(11) [Lisa Lois] Hallelujah.mp3","Lisa Lois","Hallelujah"

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(12) [Leona Lewis] Bleeding Love.mp3","Leona Lewis","Bleeding Love"

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(13) [Jeroen Van Der Boom] Jij Bent Zo.mp3","Jeroen Van Der Boom","Jij Bent Zo"

"C:\Muziek_tracks\50 years Top 40 No1 hits\cd1\(14) [Rafaëla] Right Here Right Now (My Heart Belongs To You).mp3","Raffaëla","Right Here Right

Now (My Heart Belongs To You)"

[/file code short]

If you look in the file you see it's comma separated.

So if you import the file in a csv reader you know the separator.

A small csv viewer you can find on the download page

It shows like:

If you like to edit or adjust the csv file, you have to use a program like LibreOffice (it's a free program).

In the LibreOficce it shows like:

If you want more options, use reports

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