RadioDJ tutorials

    Playlist Builder

    By clicking on File a menu opens.

    Open Playlist.

    It opens the screen

    If there are Playlists you can adjust it.

    If you select a M3U Playlist a screen opens from your music library so you can select a M3U list.

    A Playlist From Rotation If you have rotation playlist you can select one and if it's a long list you can adjust the time length of the playlist in minutes.

    The Main Playlist Position can be set ad the Top, Bottom or Replace a entry.

    Save Playlist You can save a made playlist .

    You can save the made playlist as a New Playlist.

    You can save it as a new M3U Playlist.

    Or Replace a Playlist when you have loaded a Playlist and set more songs to it.

    Or Delete a Playlist.

    Export as HTML file.

    You can save the playlist as a html file, a window opens where to store the html file.

    The HTML file can be showed in a browser.

    Exit close the playlist builder.

    By clicking on Edit a menu opens.

    Self explaining.

    Except for Temporary Edit. Whit this you can edit the track just for now using it in the playlist.

    By clicking on Import a menu opens.

    See Import tut.

    By clicking on Events a menu opens.

    There are no Manual Events so you must make one or more .

    See Events ad Manual Event.

    The selection bar.

    Search field.

    Any Category Select a main category.

    Any Subcategory you can select a subcategory when a main category is selected.

    Any Genre you can select a genre even when there is no main- or sub category.

    Pre play buttons.

    You can listen to a track be for setting it to the playlist.

    Pressing on the green plus ad a selected track to the playlist.

    Pressing the red cross removes a selected track from the playlist.

    Pressing the red dot opens the Playlist Builder Recorder.

    You can use this as a microphone is present

    From left to right:

    Stop button.

    Play button.

    Record button.

    Save button.

    Automatic gain control button.

    It's recording.

    After pressing the stop button and pressing the save button a window screen opens to store the recorded wav file, after saving the track import screen opens.

    Songs set in the playlist.

    There are 5 songs in the playlist.

    If you put your mouse point on the green bar under the column SWEEPER and double click it opens the Track List with sweepers.

    If you double click on the VT it opens the VT Track List, the working is the same.

    select a sweeper, then there is the possibility to set the sweeper on the start or end of the song, at the moment it is set to play on the intro. Click on ADD to set it to the song.

    The first song has a sweeper who is trigged at the start of the song.

    The second song has a VT (voice track/voice over) trigged at the end of the song.

    You still can change the sweeper by double clicking on the trigger start in the song..

    Here you can change the trigger to intro or end.

    Same go's for the VT (voice track).

    If you click on the

    By the track in the playlist the CUE Editor opens to set cue points on the track in the playlist.

    The buttons.

    Are for navigation through the track screen, it shows 100 tracks ad the time you can go to the next 100 or go 100 tracks back.

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