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Pira CZ Silence Detector

Basically the Silence Detector can occur in two statuses: Alarm not active and Silence!
Switching between these two statuses depends on conditions specified.
For both switching ways extra task queue can be defined (Alarm Tasks and Return Tasks).
Number of tasks and adjusting elements is highly above standard. The Pira CZ Silence Detector can:

    Send alert email message (supports also SSL authentication)
    Save actual screenshot (and optionally attach it to email)
    Run application(s), play backup mp3 file(s)
    Reboot/shutdown the system
    Kill application(s)
    Drive port pin
    Send HTTP query (inform about the status on your web site)
    Speak using the Windows SAPI
    and more!

System requirements:

    Pentium 266 MHz or better
    16-bit sound card
    Windows: from 95 to 10, Linux: Wine

More info HERE.
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