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    VST Plugin

    Made by Bart van Dommelen

    It works like the DSP plugin. For each plugin, a window with the VST is created, that is if the VST supports editor settings.

    I have tested with StereoTool VST and MBProcess VST. But it is recommended to test each VST.

    The VST files must be placed in the subfolder 'VST_effects' in the main RadioDJ folder. Remember to place the "bass_vst.dll" in the main folder.

    - VST Plugin For RadioDJ.
    - This plugin allow you to run VST plugins in RadioDJ.
    - To install this plugin, copy "bass_vst.dll" in the main RadioDJ folder, and "Plugin_VST.dll" into the \plugins subfolder.
    - After startup, a folder "VST_Plugins" will be created. All VST plugin present in the folder will started in a separate window.
    - For activation of new plugins, RadioDJ has to be restarted.
    - Please note that some VST will not work, so be sure to test each plugin so it doesn't crash the application.

    After placing a vst plugin, you have to re-start RadioDJ.

    For download go here.

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