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File loader.

a.k.a Folder Loader.

    With the file loader you can set new tracks in the database from a special folder.

    The files that can be loaded are:

     .mp3; .ogg; .wav; .mp2; .mp1; .aiff; .m2a; .mpa; .m1a; .mpg;
     .mpeg; .mp3pro; .bwf; .mus; .wma; .wmv; .aac; .adts; .mp4; .m4a;
     .m4b; .mod; .mo3; .s3m; .xm; .it; .mtm; .umx; .mdz; .s3z; .itz;
     .xmz; .flac; .midi; .rmi; .kar; .opus; .wv; .mov; .ape; .apl;
     .mpc; .mpp; .mp+; .spx and .tta.

    To start, put the two files - Plugin_FolderLoader.dll and Plugin_FolderLoader.xml - in the plugin folder of RadioDJ, and start RDJ.

    Press on OPTION and Plugins.

    Select the Plugin Folder Loader.

    Click on Settings.

    File extensions are controlled by RadioDJ, RadioDJ don't use all extensions so only the one it use are imported.

    Recourse subfolders

    If enabled, there will be in the subfolders to.

    Save the settings.

    How to used.

    Special attention for this line!

    Category and genre must exists when importing tracks. Folder Loader plugin will not create categories or genres for you.

    The folder loader can be used in a event (see events how these work).


    Plugin action / Select plugin action.

    The moment you select the folder loader a pop-up screen opens.

    Select the folder where the tracks are.

    In the Path [URL] you see the folder name.

    By Arguments:

    Main category can be specified using cat=Category Name

    Subcategory can be specified using subcat=Subcategory Name

    Genre can be specified using genre=Genre Name

    Track type can be specified using type=Music. (It must be one of the types supported by RadioDJ or it will be set to Music)


    cat=News&subcat=Latest News&genre=News&type=News


    Categories, subcategories and genres will not be created by the plugin, so they must exists or it will not work.

    Clear a subfolder by event.

    Select as show in Available Plugins.

    In the Argument field fill in the name of the subcategory.

    When the event runs the tracks will be removed from that subcategory from the database.

    Before doing anything, make a backup of the database!

    Or use auto-backup database.

    Since version

    If genre is set to AutoGenre, plugin will try to read genre from ID3 tags. This may slow down import process.
    Cue point data can be imported from file ID3 tags (if saved previously) using ID3cue=yes.
    Do not add the ID3cue parameter, since plugin checks for its presence, not its value. Reading cue data from ID3 tags also slows down the import process.

    e.g. to import tracks with cue points and genres from ID3 tags:

    PluginAction|Folder Loader|Load Files From Folder|C:\News\;cat=News&subcat=Latest News&type=News&genre=AutoGenre&ID3cue=yes


      • Enhancement: Optionally read CUE data from file ID3/meta tags (enabled using parameter ID3cue=yes)
      • Enhancement: Optionally read genre from file ID3/meta tags (enabled using parameter genre=AutoGenre)
      • Enhancement: Plugin will create the specified genre if it doesn't exist (unless genre is set to AutoGenre)
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