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NOTE: SnowHow. If you want to stream in mp3 or aac, you have to get your own encoders as they cannot be distributed by me.
You can get the latest lame_enc.dll for mp3 here and the latest aac/aacp libFAAC.dll for Win32 here.

Just unzip the archives and drop the files lame_enc.dll and lame.exe into the C:\RadioDJ\Plugins\Encoders\ directory.

Note Jhonny. File name:
  • lame_enc.dll = mp3
  • LAME 3.99.5
  • libFAAC.dll = aac/aacp
  • libFAAC dll for Win32

Settings for connection to server, fill in or select fields Encoder title = fill in text to show.
kbps = select.
Sample rate = select.
Encoder = select.
Server type = select.
Server IP = fill in, for sever on own PC or localhost.
    If the server is not on own PC, server address or IP address
    like: or
Port = fill in.
User = fill in.
Password = fill in.
Mountpoint = fill in. (Like: /stream)

Fields can be gray out (not in use) on server type Shoutcast or Icecast.

Altacast plugin for Broadcasting

Main screen with stream connections.

Green = Is oke (connected or/and enabled).
Red = You know.

The buttons:

On a right click in the screen, when a encoder is selected, you get this options in a pop up screen.
On a dubbele click on a encoder, you can adjust the setup of that encoder.

Fill in the setup for a shoutcast Flac encoder.
Note: Fill in the details that you have received from your streaming provider!

Fill in the setup for a icecast Flac encoder.
If options are gray, like Sample Rate, you can not customize them.
Note: Fill in the details that you have received from your streaming provider!

The gray select boxes, in all screens, will still be selectable.
NOTE the mount point box for stream opus or ogg.

The yellow pages, you can stream station information to the shoutcast or icecast server.
Status for the tho streams.

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