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Track Import

Click on to import a track.

Select a track from your music library.

Depending on what type of track it is, adjust the settings:
  • Category
  • Subcategory
  • Genre
  • Track Type

On a very special track you have the options:

Play the track for a number of times, and then do Noting or Disable the track in the database or Delete the track from the database.

Like a Christmas song, you can set the start and end date it may play.

On a music track you kan use a good calculation for the start, next and end (cue) point.

Standard it's on  

More about the option Play As Overlay on import a news track with a news bed.

Before you click on import, you can adjust more in the tabs of the screen.

A selected tab will have a white background in the tut. screen.

RadioDJ gets already information from the ID3Tags if there present in the track.
In this screen you can adjust them.

If you have imported sweepers, you can assign one or more to the track IF the track has an intro cue-point.
Select a available sweeper and click on the green button.
You can remove a sweeper from the track by selecting the sweeper and click on the red button.

It's a small text editor so you can set some comments for the track, if there was comments in the ID3Tag, it shows here.
You can use comments for different things like:
  • Artist history
  • Notes for the DJ
  • Show the comments to the listeners on your website when the track is playing

If album art is present in the ID3Tag it will show in the field, if not, you can by double clicking in the field set a foto from your PC by the track, and it will be stored in the folder C:\RadioDJ/Album-Art if you have set the folder in the screen:

Enable must be selected (on).

As example.

Sorry, this screen is not yet active in RadioDJ.
You can PRE listening to the track use the buttons:

Play, Jump and Stop. It use the cue speaker to play.

The buttons:

Clicking on the button CUE Editor, opens the screen.

Best to read the tutorial about the use of the CUE Editor.
You can see the flags of the Start, Next (Next start) and End, calculated cue-points by RadioDJ.

Clicking on the button ID3 Save, wil store the data/info in the ID3Tag of the track.

Clicking on the button Read ID3, will get the data/info what is stored in the ID3Tag of the track.

NOTE: This button is not of use if the track is new and has no important data like cue-points present, it's of use if you have change the info in the ID3Tag of the track with a different ID3Tag editor. This button is more of use in the track editor (After import, right click on the track in the search screen, choose track editor).

Clicking on the button Import, imports the track.

Clicking on the button Close, it close the screen.

NOTE: If you not have clicked on the Import button first, noting will be saved or imported.

Re-importing a track

When you re-import a track, who is not more present in the database, it's possible you get this popup screen.

It's a warning that there is CUE-Point data present.
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