RadioDJ tutorials


The Settings for RadioDJ

  • General settings
  • Sound Cards settings
  • Auto DJ
  • Stream Title settings
  • Other Settings
  • Plugins

  • General

    Sound Cards

    Auto DJ

    Stream Titles

      The playlist colors are prepared, but changeable.

      In/on the part File Type Titles you can change the colors for the tracks showing in the playlist.

      Select the own to change.

      Click on the color bar, in the popup pick the color.
      When ready click on the floppy to save it.

      $artist$ - $title$

      These are variables that are used for the now playing onfo.

      You can also change them, click on the question mark in the red dot, you will see a list of variables.

      Don't forget to save on the floppy.

    Other Settings

      Tracks Priority:

      In the field: On Play, reduce priority by you can set a number (now it's set on 0.0) so the tracks that is played will lower it's priority, and will be less played in a rotation.

      The Default Priority is set on 50.0 so on import of a track or a directory the track or tracks are set with that number in the database (it's a good start).

      Shortcut Buttons:

      The OPTIONS button has a fixed destination, and can not be changed!

      You can changes the setting if you like an other shortcut on a button.

      You can select it from a pul down list.


      In the screen you can select a plugin and changes the setting or plugin zone.
      Dubble click on the selected plugin or click the button Settings.

      Not all plugings have settings.

      Explanations on the plugins are in the tutorial Plugins.

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