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Categories Manager

The ones you see in the screen by Categories, can't be renamed or removed.

Here you can make new Categories, Sub Categories or Genre.



If a button is grey out the name can't be removed or Renamed!


You can Fill in a new name and press the plus button, then the name will be set in the list.

Immediately after pressing the plus you get a pop up window



This is a pre-warning, a category can not be without a sub category.


Select the new category and as you see the Sub Categories screen is empty.


Fill in a new sub category name and press the plus button.

Removing a Category or Sub Category.


Fill in the name and press the – button.


Select the name, fill in a new name and press the Rename button.

New or Rename a Genre.

Making, Renaming or Removing is the same as the above.

The only thing is that the Genres are independent of the Category or Subcategory.


Removing a Category.

If you want immediate delete a category a warning message pops up.


If you press the OK button then.....


So you must first remove the sub categories before a category can be removed.



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