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The site is dedicated to the program "RadioDJ Free Radio Automation Software" made by Marius Vaida.

I've tried to establish the site so as the screens of RadioDJ shows when you click a button or in a screen, so that they match the screen view and make a search become easier on a part of the program.

I want to make the site more compact, and better to understand how RadioDJ works, it is up to you whether it was successful.

When the new version is released the screens still can change.
Because i don't know what changes or improvements there are.

If you have questions, go to the RadioDJ forum join the community, everyone does like to help you!

I would like to thank Andis Grosšteins from Latvia for his commitment and customize the navigation bar on the site.
And the tutorial about the WordPress plugin. So you see, all over the world help is there.

I would like to thank Thomas Mazure (mrmazure) for the many YouTub video tutorials [France].

A tutorial in your own language and uploaded to us is highly appreciated, even a very short one (contact me for uploading a tutorial to me!).

Tutorials (.pdf) for older versions you can find on the tab Downloads.

Greetings from, Jhonny.

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