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How to Upgrade RadioDJ v.1.8.2 to v.

Install radiodj v. first.

By Marius.

1. Make sure that you are using a different folder for the new version, by default it is set to use C:\RadioDJv2.

2. Open Database Setup.exe from C:\RadioDJv2\Setup folder and enter the name of the v.1.8.2 database (the one that you will update) and click the Validate button.

3. If everything is fine, DO A BACKUP first!

4. After the backup is done, go to Database Utils tab from Database Setup utility and press the SELECT UPDATE FILE button. A prompt will appear which will ask to select the update file. Select the C:\RadioDJv2\Setup\Sql\1.8.2 TO 2.sql file and database should be updated.

This will only work for updating from RadioDJ v.1.8.2 which has all the required database tables. It will not work for older versions!