Plugins Part II

Track/Directory import

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Playlist Builder.


bar playlistbuilder

These are actually self-explanatorily.

Clicking on ADD event, opens the small screen.

How to make a manual event see events.

Voice over or sweeper in the playlist builder.

Voice over:

Selecting the track in the playlist, double-click where the yellow dot is.

Select the voice over, and click on ADD.


Selecting the track in the playlist, double-click where the purple dot is.

Select the sweeper, and click on ADD.

The voice over is set with the track.

The trigger is set on start so the voice over will start at the begin as the track starts.

(Same goose for the sweeper)

You can change this by double-click on the start.

Will change to.

You can adjust it, by clicking on a button.

Clicking on the red dot makes it possible to record a voice track.

The voice track will be recorded as a .wav file.

    Make it easy for yourself.
Store the .wav in a special folder, make a category Voice Over in the categories manager.

New category.

And subcategories as example.

If you have voice overs, you can import them with track import or folder/directory import.

With track import.

  • Set the category.
  • Set the subcategory.
  • (Optional) Genre.
  • Track type (important).
Click on import.

Pressing the Ctrl button down, you can select multi tracks.
Click on the Green Plus and the tracks are set in the playlist.

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