Plugins Part II

Track/Directory import

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    These tutorials are just for the new free RadioDJ version 2.0.0.+.
    The existing links on the radiodj forum will send you to the 1.8.2 and early versions.

Welcome and greetings.

The tutorials here are for the new free version 2.0.0.+.
You can recognize this by DJ-JHONNY.NL || NEW (page name).

Visit Gary's site for more explanation if you do not find it here.

On some pages you will see you can go over a photo to see more information.

There is more support for difficult questions on the RadioDJ community pages where users get help with problems without any hassle from the members of the forum.

The only thing is the time difference for the members before responding to you.

Using a home PC is more recommended because there is a lot of text in the tutorials.
The screen of a tabled or phone is to small to show the content but that's up to you.

Jhonny 2017-2018.

If a tutorial is not correct inform me pleas.
Note: A right click for download won't work any more!
Sorry, it's a protection for miss use of all my work.

Last update: 10 Jun 2018.

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