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Track/Directory import

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Track Importing

track import

Categories manager.

Has to do of the select boxen in track import: Category, Subcategory and Genre.
cat. manager

These are the defaults.
You may have already changed them, added subcategories etc.

Import a track, click on   Click select

And select a track.

track select

track detail

Artist name and title shows. Track duration is calculated 00:04:58

You can pre play the track.

start   Start play
jump   Jump forward 2 sec.
stop   Stop play

On play, the 00:00:00 counter starts running.

Note: Pre play use the Monitoring CUE setting in OPTIONS Sound Cards settings.


Import track settings:

  • Select the Category.
  • Select the Subcategory.
  • Select the genre.
  • Select the Track Type. note

Special use:


Play for (number) times, and then, the option is: Noting, Disable, Delete or Move To.
When Move to is selected, you can use, Move to Category and/or Subcategory.

date set

A track can be set to play only between dates on a start and end date.

High Precision Cue Points:
For setting the Start, Next and End points, best calculated.

The tabs in the screen.

Tab Details.


You can adjust the details for the track.

Tab Sweepers.

Tab comments.

Tab Track image.

Click in the image screen if you have local a image.

Fill in the location where a image is on the net.

search in tab

Use for search on the net.

Tab Others.

Import a internet stream.

stream import
  • Select Category.
  • Select Subcategory.
  • Select Genre.
  • Selects Track Type internet stream.

If the path/url is empty the will flash as warning.


Place the url for the stream.

Click on check stream to check the stream.

title stream

Stream type and station name will show up.

stream orgial title

Select Use Original Stream Title.

Click on import.

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