RadioDJ tutorials

    Main Playlist.

    Update for v.1.8.1/1.8.2 bottom of the page.

    In Slot Mode

    08:17:43 = Start time for song (note: If RadioDJ is not playing, this time will change with the

    clock time).

    00:07 = Intro in Min: sec.

    00:03:08 = Song duration.

    Info of the playlist.

    S = Import a Sweeper.

    V = Import a Voiceover.

    X = Clear song from playlist.

    -:-:- = The start Time.

    -:- = Intro Time.

    –:-:- = Song Duration.

    Song with Sweeper and Voiceover.

    [S] = Sweeper name. [V] = Voiceover name.

    (only showing as example)

    Playlist quick bar.

    If more than six songs, you can use the buttons ABCD instead of the vertical slider

    A = To the top. B = One up. C = One down. D = To the bottom.

    E = Shuffle the playlist.

    F = Insert a playlist from the database or m3u list from a folder.

    G = Save the playlist to the database.

    Import Export Playlist.

    By clicking on F it opens the screen Open Playlist for import of a playlist.

    From this screen you can import a play list from the database or a play list from a music folder.

    Open Positions:

    You can choose where the play list is to be placed or replaced.

    Import a M3U Play list:

    Clicking on “M3U Playlist” opens your music folder.

    after you choose a M3U playlist click on open (Dutch Openen).

    After clicking open the M3U playlist is displayed in the space next to the M3U Playlist button.

    Note: The M3U playlist will imported into the database what is in the mp3tag and import the songs as not active and play them, but you can activate them for permanent use with the track manager (playing an M3U list works like folder import but will not be marked as activated in the database).

    Activate tracks when a M3U list is used go to the track manager and search on disabled tracks these have the line color that you have given or used the standard in the settings on disable tracks.

    Save Playlist.

    Save a Play list.

    By clicking on G, and there are songs in the playlist, it opens the screen Save Playlist.

    You can save the playlist in the database with the automatic date and time that RadioDJ

    provides, or you can chance it to what you want.

    Or as m3u playlist in your song folder(s) or a special playlist folder.
    By selecting M3U Playlist the song folder will open:

    give the playlist a name and press save (opslaan)

    Press save to close the screen.

    Playlist side bar.

    Auto DJ is off. [Red MANUAL] Auto DJ is on. [Green AUTODJ] Playing a rotation list.

    (See how to make a rotation list if you like to use this option)

    Automated is on. [Green Automated] Played song after song till the playlist is empty.

    Assisted is on. [Red Assisted] every song has be started by hand.

    Note: Assisted/automatic purpose is not to instant play.
    Internally when "automated" is on, when the cue next point is reached, it triggers to start the next track from the playlist, in contrast when assisted is on, the cue next is ignored and the track is played until it's end and then it stops.
    See the CUE Editor screen.
    When automated is on, it also triggers the watchdog which will start the next track if the cue next did not triggered the mix, but with a delay.

    INSERT is used with drag and drop. [Default on start-up of RadioDJ] Click on it, drag a song from section D to the playlist onto a song and it will be put in front of the song in the playlist.

    REPLACE is used with drag and drop.Same as INSERT but it replace the song in the playlist.

    [When the color is blue, then REPLACE is off]

    Clear is used to empty the existing playlist (a confirmation screen pops up)

    INPUT can be used for a microphone. When first clicked sound fades down to a lower level for voice over, on a second click, sound fades back up to normal levels.

    INPUT is off. INPUT by mouse click. INPUT is on. Click again to turn off.

    Note from Marius: I do not encourage the usage of a microphone without a hardware mixer.
    A microphone plugged directly into the computer is OK for fun, but when we are talking bout radio, is a big NO.

    Screen update v. 1.8.1.

    Pre listening is possible by clicking on the Button. (On the Monitoring CUE speaker)

    At every track you can see from which subcategory the track is.


    Like Psychedelic 60s

    Screen update v.

    Small difference in the screen, but works the same as in v.

    • Pre listening track. (On the Monitoring CUE speaker)
    • Track info.
    • Delete track.

    A double click on a track opens the track editor.

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