RadioDJ tutorials

    The Main Player

    The controle buttons.
    From L/R.
    • Start
    • Restart
    • Pause
    • Stop
    • Loop
    • When Loop is on: Repeat the track playing. Also if loop in/out is present in the track (cue-points) it repeat playing from loop-in to loop-out.

    The counters.
    • Intro
    • If set, count down to voice start.
    • Outro
    • If set, count down to voice stop.
    • Remaining
    • Remaining time of the track.
      Last 10 sec. will flash red.
    • Clock
    • Local time.

    You can set your one logo (use same name, radiodj\logo.png).



    Sweeper or VT (voice track) name placed to the track.
    Red cross, remove sweeper or VT.

    Yellow: From Start (start cue-point) to intro (intro cue-point), than rest will be green.

    Sweeper/VT duration is 00:02 (2 sec.) so 2 sec. for intro point it's start playing.

    You can set the type of the sweepers to use.

    You can set the rotation to use.

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