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    Events in v.1.7.6

    Add, remove or adjust a Event.

    Click on OPTIONS.

    Click on EVENTS and the events screen opens.

    Or a direct approach by clicking on.

    In the under bar.

    Best start is to make categories for events by clicking on the button Categories.

    One category is there standard whit the name Default.

    Fill in a name and press the green plus.

    Make as many as you like.

    You can change a category name by selecting a category, change the name and press on the floppy.

    The bar.


    Green plus = new event

    Red cross = remove a event from the list.

    Arrow circle = Refresh screen.

    Categories = Make or show the categories.

    Close = Close the screen.

    Before you can remove or adjust a Event you must have one.

    So make an new event by clicking on New Event. (the green Plus)

    You set give a Event Name in the Details part and set the Event Hour.

    You can adjust the date on Select Date. If you click on it a calendar opens.

    Click on the green plus.

    Now choose an action.
    The actions are divided into:






    Plugin Actions.

    As show in the list Action Rules.

    Let select Load Track:

    this screen opens.

    And select a category.

    If you have not chosen a category all tracks will show.

    As an example, I have chosen the track in the top.

    Click on ADD.

    The track is showed in the bar.

    Click on Add Actions.

    As showed the Event Actions is made, the event name is set and the time is set click on Add Event.

    A conformation screen pops up click OK

    And the Event is set.

    In the under bar you can see the event count down for start.

    So the first event is made.

    One minute before the event start it will flash.

    And when it start it put the track in the top of the playlist.

    Notice, this event is set for one time only.

    And if the event is done the bar look like.

    But it will remain on the screen.

    If you double click on the button on the bar it opens the Event screen.

    At first you see noting but if you un select View by Hour the screen changed in.

    If you double click on the event you can adjust it.

    Choices of Event Type.

    By clicking on it, a roll down menu is showed.

    No Repeat: Uses the event only one time on a date and hour setting.

    Repeat by day: Use event one time a day on a special Hour:Minutes:Second.

    Repeat by day and hour: Use event more time a day on all hours on Minutes:Seconds.

    Manual Event: can be used on rotations and in the playlist builder.

    Start-up Event: When RadioDJ is started this event start ad the top of the playlist (like station opener).

    An No Repeat event is showed at the start of this page.

    (Still working on)

    Repeat by day event.

    Set the hour for the event.

    Adjust the day's if you like:

    Press the green plus for a event action.

    Repeat by Day and Hour.

    Adjust this settings if you like.

    Which days and what hours.
    Note: If you do a right click in a field Days or Hours, you can reset the boxes.

    As shows the hour is ignored, set the minutes and seconds after the selected hours.

    Manual Event.

    Is as it says, and must be started manually.
    Can be used in the playlist builder

    Start-Up Event.

    This event starts every time as RadioDJ is launched

    This part is explained in Action Rules.

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