RadioDJ tutorials

    Special scripts

    On this page you can download scripts too use for a RadioDJ web site.

    Because i have a warm heart for the RadioDJ sotware of Marius. I made these scripts.

    Note: I am retired, and only do this for fun.
    And to learn programming in html, php, java and sqli.

    If ask i will adjust a script, but if i don't have fun in it I just don't.

    If your not member of the radiodj forum, i don't adjust the script for you or your site, you do it your self.

    I've spent too much time to change a script for non-members of the forum , it was no fun, by being polite I did it.
    But do it not anymore.

    So for non-members of the forum, it is as it is.

    For members make contact to me.

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