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Blazar Silence Detector

Source Translated from Dutch to English.

The Blazar Silence Detector is a freeware program that allows radio silence can be detected by a monitor audio signal.
If this is detected, several actions can be taken, including the execution of some programs, and sending e-mails or SMS.

  • Monitors the noise level of a specified sound
  • Monitors one or two sound channels
  • Channels can be named
  • Threshold level is adjustable
  • Delay after the detector must be set to intervene
  • E-mail list of people who should be informed by silences and return of the sound
  • SMSlijst mobile numbers to be informed by silences and return of the sound (uses the SMSgateway of
  • Smtp settings (including SMTP Authentication) to use the email function
  • List of programs to be carried out in silence
  • List of programs to be executed upon return of the sound
  • Logging function
  • Can be minimized to the system tray (icon near the taskbar clock)
  • Free, although a notification or reference is desired
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