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About the dj-jhonny site.

The dj-jhonny site was started in 2013 with tutorials for RadioDJ.
The only available tutorial at that moment was for version 1.6.0 on the RadioDJ site.

Many members tried to start a wiki site, unfortunately there was not enough cooperation from other members for it.

The RadioDJ version with which i started was version, and it had more potential as v.1.6.0, but there was no tutorial for it on the changes.

On a vacation (2013) i decided to start DJ-Jhonny, only had to learn how to program in html, and this was not easy (still It's not easy).

I try to cover most of the basics for running RadioDJ in the tutorials.

In the volowing years different beta version where publish, and had to keep the site up for a tutorial on a new beta.

The latest releases (26 June 2015) is version 1.8.2, and the site meanly shows tutorials for this version.
The older tutorials are still available as pdf file, so you can download them.

I like to thank all the members from the RadioDJ forum for there input, they don't know how they have inspired me.
Questions and answers are reflected in the tutorials.

My special thanks going to:
Marius Vaida (Marius).
Gary (DJ Garybaldy).
Andis Grosšteins (Valdis).
Thomas Mazure (mrmazure).
Tim Verholt (He-j).

The browsers i have tested the site on are Firefox and Crome on a Win-10 home pc.


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