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M3U lists.

Making a M3U playlist from/with a External Music Scheduler.

    Random Mix Tape Maker.

    Program v. release 19-Sep-2008, Compatibility: Win 9x/2k/XP/VISTA/7 (Think: on all win versions it will work).

    It's free/donations where.

    Random MixTape Maker allows you to create custom playlists from multiple mp3 file sources on your system.

    Sort list of options.

        Randomly select songs based on genres, title keywords, and more.
        Limit created playlist by total song duration (good for burning audio CDs).
        Limit created playlist by filesize (good for burning mp3 CDs/DVDs).
        Limit minimum and maximum durations of songs to include.
        Recursively searches directories; easy to search one or many.
        Flexible blacklist let's you easily skip songs or directories you don't want to include.
        Full drag+drop support into the program and from the program out to other apps.
        It's fast - just keep hitting the randomize button till you get a playlist you like.
        Can randomize existing playlists instead of directories if you prefer.
        Output displays mp3 tag info or file paths.
        Creates playlist files or plain text output.
        Double click to preview a song from the constructed playlist.

    The screens.

    Start on clicking Show options button.

    Adjust the settings (all settings if you like)

    Playlist on Time and size.

    Make shore the ID3Tags in the tracks are correct.

    Playlist on Genre.

    Standard most used genres.

    Playlist on track type.

    Select or unselect types.

    Black List

    You can drag and drop files or folders in the screen to exclude them from the playlist.

    Must have list, thinking of commercial tracks or stations ID.

    Created playlist for one hour.

    Playlist is approximately 59:22 minutes.

    Including Stations ID's.

    The created m3u playlist.

    C:\Muziek_tracks\Station-ID\The Unfortunately stream Opener1.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\040 - Slade - Far Far Away.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\175 - Jackpot - Coco (Not Coming Today).mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\312 - Mieke - M'n Beste Vriendin.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\032 - Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\100 - George Baker Selection - Paloma Blanca.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\120 - Queen - Now I'm Here.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\264 - Kc & The Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\Station-ID\Hi is here Jhonny Walker.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\128 - Udo Jürgens - Griechischer Wein.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\Station-ID\Einde Senioren Tijd - The Times They Are A-changin.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\157 - Maddog - My Morning Sun.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\Station-ID\my lord wis that i retrun.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\Station-ID\The Unfortunately stream Opener.MP3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\050 - Dizzy Man's Band - Dizzy On The Rocks.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\Station-ID\my deer lord wis.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\209 - Vader Abraham & Mieke - Zomertijd.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\305 - Billy Swan - Everything's The Same (Ain't Nothing Changed).mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\308 - Trammps - Hooked For Life.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\Station-ID\radio zo als het hoort.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\182 - Paul Mccartney & Wings - Listen To What The Man Said.mp3
    C:\Muziek_tracks\70 - top 40 - jaren\75\303 - Dave - Dansez Maintenant.mp3

    Note: The path is in it (that's important for the use with RadioDJ)

    On a right click on a track, more options show.

    Note this part.
    You can load or save the setting you have made in the screen.
    Folder/files in the black list.
    Folder/files in the must have list.
    file(s) (tracks) in the linked songs list.

    On save gif it a unique name. You can save as many as you like.

    On a load, select the file with the unique name

    Source and download page, Seedling.

    I say Just play with the program, maybe it's of use to you.

    However, most of the times it's impossible for a scheduler to create a playlist with the exact duration of time (this case, 60 minutes), especially if you don't have many tracks to choose from, this program selects tracks and stay under the set time, and don't go over it.

    Well, you can adjust it in the playlist builder loading the m3ulist in it.

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