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M3U lists import.

The created m3u playlist.

C:\Music_tracks\Station-ID\The Unfortunately stream Opener1.mp3
C:\Music_tracks\70 - top 40 - years\75\040 - Slade - Far Far Away.mp3
C:\Music_tracks\70 - top 40 - years\75\175 - Jackpot - Coco (Not Coming Today).mp3
C:\Music_tracks\70 - top 40 - years\75\312 - Miekeja - My best girl.mp3
C:\Music_tracks\70 - top 40 - years\75\032 - Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting.mp3
C:\Music_tracks\70 - top 40 - years\75\100 - George Baker Selection - Paloma Blanca.mp3
C:\Music_tracks\70 - top 40 - years\75\120 - Queen - Now I'm Here.mp3
C:\Music_tracks\70 - top 40 - years\75\264 - Kc & The Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight.mp3

Note: The path must be in it (that's important for the use with RadioDJ)

Importing the m3u list.

In the mainplayer.

A click on the button opens the screen.

Select M3U Playlist.

A new screen opens, brows to the playlist and select it.

After selection.

Click on open.

Now it can take a while before the tracks are in the playlist.

RadioDJ checks first if the track is already in the database. If not it's calculate the track on a start, next and end cuepoint.

The tracks are in the playlist and database.

Adjust the track(s).

Open the Tracks Manager.

To show the tracks from the m3u list i have selected them.

Now you can assigning the tracks to a sub category, the genre ect.

See tracks manager.

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