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    Database Setup Use.

    After starting the Database Setup.exe file from the sub folder Setup in the RadioDJ folder this screen start up.

    It's the same screen as in Database Setup.

    How to make a backup of the database?

    Bi-for you can make a backup, you must click on the TAB Auto Backup.

    See the next screen.

    If you like to make a backup, it's important that you set a folder where to store a backup file.

    (if you don't, you can't make back ups).

    So click on the button

    And select a folder, there is a folder in RadioDJ/Setup/Backup use that one.

    Click OK to save, and start over With opening Database Setup.exe.

    And now you can make backup's as many as you like.

    They will stored with the date and time, like 20140812 152951.sql.

    (2014-08-12 15:29:51)

    Make a backup by clicking on:

    There is a note from Marius in the AutoBackup Usage.txt file.

    If you mist it!


    How to setup?

    - In the new Tab "Auto Backup" check the "Enable Daily Auto Backup" option, set the

    backup hour and if needed check the "Close To Tray" option, which will prevent to accidentally close the application.

    - It is very important to set a path to which the backups will be saved!

    - To close the application when the "Close to tray" is checked, right click on the tray icon and select "Exit".

    NOTE: "Database Setup.exe" can be opened with the "backup" argument, case in which will perform the backup and will close.

    End Quote.

    More is possible like auto backup.

    Select: Enable Daily Auto Backup

    Set the time (it is in 24 H time)

    Enable Close To Tray.

    Click on OK.

    The program close but will run in the background.

    Now there is a backup folder, you can now also use the RESTOR DATABASE button.

    The tab Run SQL Query.

    In this screen you have the possibility to enter a Query, command to the database to update or change tables or column’s.

    Auto = Insert + Select, best to let it on Auto.

    A querty can look like.

    It empty the request table.

    TRUNCATE requests;

    Select the line and copy in to this screen.

    Click on RUN QUERY.

    The popup screen tells that there are now 0 rows in the table Request.

    Say there are 3 requests in the table, so 3 rows are there.
    Now these are removed and there are 0 rows in the table.


    The use of the tab Database Utilis.

    Which hardly need explanations as it is in the screen.

    The tab Update.

    Explanation is not required since it is going to be removed from the screen

    As you can see, it's removed in the version 1.8.2.

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